Is my coworker really interested or just being nice? Please help!

Hi! So I'm hoping you may be able to help me! For the past month or so I started talking to a coworker of mine more and more. We work for the same company but in completely different buildings. Anyways, we probably talk 3 or 4 times a day on the phone and text each other after work. Anyway we had a conversation about how we felt and he said he was interested but the fact that we work for the same company was a concern. I tried to give him his space & see if he came around. This past Saturday I was out at a local bar with my girlfriends and he texted me to see what I was doing. I said I was out but never told him where. Needless to say when I said he should meet up with us, he mentioned the bar I was at and surprise we were at the same place! He never goes there & when I asked what he was doing there he said he had a feeling I'd be there. I thought it was cute! We had a few drinks and BS'd but it was getting late & we needed to go. He walked me to my car & kissed me on the cheek. I said something along the lines as "that's it?" And he said for now, he didn't think it was a good idea right now. Totally blows! He gave me another kiss on the cheek and we were hugging & I tried to be cute looking into his eyes and said do t you want to? And he said yes but again said he didn't think it was a good idea. We left it at that, said goodnight & went out separate ways. Now two days later & we haven't spoken! I don't know how to handle this! I really like him but can't understand why after that he won't call. Maybe he was never interested & was trying to be nice? But if that's the case why drive to my town, go to a bar he never goes to to see me but then not kiss me goodnight? So confused! If anyone can help me with this I'd appreciate it!


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  • honestly I think the best solution is to so him you care even if it means putting yourself out there cause he already did by coming walking to your car and kissing you he may have seen the light in your eyes but to start a relationship both have to be on the same page so be the adult and talk it out cause guys are prone to wait but not for long he has done enough to give you a sign. girls always wish for guys to be so forward but we guys know that girls will play games so he may be staying at a distance until you return and show him you care..but my point is regardless of the scenerio whether he bought you a drink and left or smiled at you one time and never said hi. the point is if someone cause you to feel good about yourself butterflies and such act on it don't wait on them cause if there they same you get no were :)

    • I have to see him tomorrow because I'm using an office in his building to meet a client. We can't nessesarily talk about it at work, would it be completely dumb if I wrote him something? Or ask him to meet so we can talk?!

    • no idea is stupid of crazy XD trust me I been in some tight spots and a crazy or stupid things is like an ice breaker clears the air and helps two people understand each other better

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  • I think he's just being nice. He could've take things further if he's really interested in you.


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  • Hey there, I'm in a very similar situation and like you, I don't know if his work reason really is legit. I'm merely 18 so I might not get the whole concept of work obligations. I'd say go with your gut instinct and if he didn't like you that way and knew you did, I HIGHLY doubt if he would kiss you (albeit on the cheek). I've a feeling that he's considering and evaluating things between the both of you. I'd say that my situation's a tad more complex than yours. I've received some advice as to make him go ahead with it. I've added you so perhaps, we can chat about it?

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