Girl I use to text everyday...why did she suddenly stop?

This girl I met on Facebook we started talking and such we got along super well she said I made her feel smiley and special as time went by I got my wingman to get info outta here but they started fighting and such he backstabbed her trust and started talking behind her lately he finds out she talks and texts another dude...which affected me because she just started "reading my messages" and didn't want to talk on the phone...and she calls this guy first and I told her I liked and she told me before you know "were just friends right nothing more"so I asked her if I had a chance she said "Don't expect much but you can't get jealous if I talk to other guys their friends just like you" a month later we talked on the phone she said she loved my voice and like talking to me then all of a sudden that stops we barely talked so I said did you replace me with someone else? then she texts me "Look OK I'm not replacing you because I don't replace friends and tbh I honestly thought you understood me about not wanting a boyfriend, you really want a girlfriend then I'm not the girl for u...bcuz honestly I don't know if I trust you anymore" so I tried to tell her she can I never lied to her and such..then she texts me "Can you leave me alone too"

Sigh...should I just not talk to her or anything for a week? and think she talk to me again last thing I said to her was "Can you tell me what did I do? I did leave you alone were close friends aren't we your my reason to smile and my blessing that happened in 2012

And I am not friends with joe anymore so don't even compare me to him...

ricky my friend lol who talked sht behnd her back

I'm sorry things got out of hands but don't put any Blame on me joe"wingman name" is just low I really miss talking to you and texting you hearing your cute sweet voice your cute giggles I'll leave you alone because I truly understand you in every way princess."

Like what is my best bet in order to be close with her again?


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  • You should keep talking to her to keep the attraction alive.

    Also, limit your texting and instead have personal talks instead. Texting can just cause over analyzing and also headaches, and personal talks ups the chances that you will be with her in an official relationship.


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  • Ask her out on a friendly date, like for coffee or even just a walk, then talk things out. It also could be that you're coming on too strong with expressing your emotions, and she's just not ready?


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  • Dude! You don't have a chance even if you were the last guy on earth! It's pretty clear when she had to tell you to "leave her alone".

    You MUST face reality. She's NOT interested in you as a friend or a boyfriend. Delete her number move on down the road man!

  • One of the first things you need to make a girl comfortable is trust.. You don't have that anymore, then move on. The "Leave me alone" statement was pretty clear don't you think?