What do I do? Please help =[

I just recently graduated from my EMT class and there is this instructor that I sort of had a little crush on. I would do practicals with him and I would sort of come off with an attitude towards him and he thought I didn't like him lol. I told my friend about him and she actually knew him. He added me on fbk yesterday and I was really surprised. Anyways, my friend texted him and told him she was with me etc. He pretended like he didn't know who I was.

My friend told him he had added me on fbk so he told her he thought I didn't like him. Eventually he ended up hitting me up on fbk after the conversation he had with my friend and we sent messages back and forth, which led to texting. We spoke all night until he said he had to go to sleep but he told me to text him the next day about my dog because we spoke briefly about him. ( he also has dogs) and he told me I haven't seen anything yet because I was caught off guard with how proper he was. He wished me good night and sweetdreams. But I don't know whether I should text him. .I really want to but he is cute and I know a lot of girls probably drool over him.

He also thought that my attitude that I had in class was different and made it interesting, which caught him off guard and threw his game off a bit. Any suggestions? Should I wait?


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  • what are you waiting for? Text him, you talked deep into the night. Go for it. There shouldn't be any hesitation. He told you to get in touch with him. Jump on it. Have confidence in yourself because trust me I'm not talking to a girl deep into the night if I'm not interested in her as more than a friend... I talk to my friends during normal daytime hours

    • Yeah but he was working at that time lol. And my friend says he's really friendly. But I texted him so :)

  • No need to wait, sounds like you have won a vacancy for his attention, so I can't see it being dammaging towards your efforts if you text, go for it, show your keen, good luck,x


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