My ex is looking at me a lot after argument

(Sorta long)

Basically I was in a 4 month relationship during the summer which resulted in a semi-mutual breakup. I was her first boyfriend and she was my first girlfriend and inexperience led to some arguments. Anyway she messaged me a month after the breakup saying she wanted us to not ignore each other and whatnot. We start talking again and she seems interested. She flirts with me, teases me, etc and it seems as if she likes me. Homecoming comes around & my friend named 'B' asks her to go (I didn't because she told a friend she would say no but when I asked her after the fact she said she wouldve said yes). Anyway that results in a fight which ends in us not talking for a month & her talking crap about me. I eventually apologize to her and say I'm sorry. Slowly but surely she starts saying hi to me again and eventually we're talking. We see each other in a soccer game and go to talk to a place alone about things and she tells me things like "Dont get any ideas" smilingly or whatnot and when my friend comes and tells us if we're kissing or something she laughs and says "EWWWW with him".

During this talk she tells me B is still trying to talk to her. Basically saying B was going behind my back. I don't stress it & In the following weeks she starts teasing me in class. Winter Break comes and I text her first twice and after that she starts texting 1st & we share some laughs or whatever. I flirt with her and she teases me back even. I have the impression she likes me. We talk about 'B' and the whole argument we had about him and she says she doesn't like the way I handled the situation and agrees with me when I say I knew she didn't like him. Around New Years her texts stop for around a week and I conclude she has no interest in me anymore. Wrong. She texts me again the last day of break and the next day she texts me again in the morning. When I see her in study hall she sits next to me and we basically laugh the hour away. She touches me even and teases me or whatever, I even walk her to class and she hugs me.

Things are good it seems. Later that day I find that not only had she been talking to B ever since the homecoming argument, but that they had stargazed, hungout, and that during Winter Break (New Years) they made out, only for her to discover she didn't like him and that she had no feelings for him. Anyway I told her not to talk to me again and she got mad and said I was immature. When I confronted her the day after that she denied she liked me and said I was stupid for thinking so and that me getting mad at decisions she made was why she broke up with me. When I say I'm disappointed in her for making out dirty with a guy she knew for a month she said:

"DIRTY?! NO. I hate you right now. I thought you cared about me. You just want me to stress and cry and feel horrible! you're the most arrogant and selfish person I've ever met"

We Haven't talked since then (a week), but recently she's been looking at me alot. Why? And does she really not like me?


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  • She probably wants a reaction from you. If you have no interests in getting with her then let it go and don't feed into her games. She seems to have wanted to keep you as a plan B. Its a game, she wants you to chase her a fight for her. But if you don't have feelings for her, and I don't blame you if you don't, she's done some pretty messed up stuff, then just ignore her.


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  • She's just a confused girl doesn't really know what she wants. Don't bother with her. She's just gonna mess with your head if you keep doing this thing by getting back together and then breaking up. its not worth it. and by the sounds of it her saying EWWWW with him. shows she just is immature and a douche so leave her be.

    • Haha I know what you mean but she was just teasing when she said "Eww with him". She was smiling and looking at me. But yeah, exactly. I just don't get why she wouldn't tell me about him.

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    • Lol urgh and the funny thing is I told her to f*** off yet she's always freaking looking at me lol. The eye contact is what gets me. Does she feel bad or something lol?. Anyway you having any guy problems? I'm a chill dude I can help you out.

    • she wants you to feel bad by her giving you looks so ull say something to her and eventually build a convo and then get together again. .. I'm having some problems. not necessarily guy problems but you can message me or add me if you want.

  • I think its best if you move on, a relationship with this girl will go nowhere.


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