PLEASE READ: Am I right for being hesitant with this guy?

I met this guy in November at a restaurant.He complimented me,gave me his card,and I texted the next day just to say hello.Anyway,for a MONTH he didn't call or seriously make a date to meet up with me.He just kept giving me lame excuses.Finally,I told him,if he wants to really go out,then CALL me at a decent time because I don't respond to guys asking me out through text message.In December,he was still just texting,I was annoyed and he was still being flaky.I decided to erase his number since I was fed up with excuses. Anyway...

He just contacted me,and I had to ask who he was since I deleted his info.He went on to explain that he was going through a bad break up,hence him being flaky.He said he had to travel...blah,blah. I expressed to him that I didn't appreciate his flakiness,and I wanted to know why he chose to contact me now.Needless to say,I was giving him a hard time because I am not trying to be a rebound for anyone. He took it as me being mean,because I was asking,"why are you contacting me now?If your sincere,why didn't you just CALL instead?" I know I was being difficult for him,but I don't like feeling disrespected.Or having someone text message things like this.Its impersonal.

So do you think I am right for being cautious?

Do you even think I should give him a chance?

He claims that he really wants to go out,but I don't care how cute someone is if you aren't treating me right. Also,I think its important to set boundries for people,or they will run over you.


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  • I totally agree with you that you're right for being cautious.

    Also about the setting boundaries, you've done the right thing. You're right about treating the hesitant guy.

    • Thanks for your opinion.Hewas even asking me to send a photo because I mentioned I couldn't remember what he looked like.I basically told him,that he wanted to see me,then he knows how to make that happen.Stop texting,call,and schedule a proper date.I think he thought some reverse psychology nonsense was going to happen,because he started saying "nevermind" about hanging out. I agreed,of course he backtracked.I just know that too often than not,being too nice,gets you no where.He has to earn it.

    • You are doing the right things.

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  • if your being hesitant at all...

    not a good sign


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  • I wouldn't bother with him, he had his chance and if he wasn't serious the first time, I doubt he'd be the next time.

    Plenty more fish in the sea.