Whats up with this crazy behavior?

Generally the only time I converse with one of my friends is late at night when he is drinking and either texting or on fb. Sometimes he invites me over for a late night hookup and he always makes the move I never ever do. So today I commented on his fb status. He didn't really respond and then I sent him a message about this really mean server I had at a restaurant we both frequent. Two hours later get back on and see he is on and send him a message that he should use spell check seeing as he is drunk and can't spell and he makes no sense. He told me to give up and there was no gate to him and then logged off. I was just trying to help him out before he made a complete arse of himself. Did he think my talking sporadically when he was on was stalking him to get laid even though it was all random nothingness?


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  • There's nothing wrong with your talking sporadically. He just wants to get laid.

    • Apparently not since every time I log on to fb he logs off and refused to answer my who peed in your wheaties comment.

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    • Eh we spent the whole time before we hooked up last talking about that guy.

    • So it wasn't the first time he heard about the guy. A little less than two weeks ago though was the first time we actually slept, as in sleeping, together.

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