Is this Guy crazy or what?

Actually It was something that happened a couple of months ago.

I was studying French and in my class there was this guy who at first was really nice and asked for my number, I gave it to him just because I thought He was really cute and funny, a week later he asked me to be his friends with benefits and I said I would think about it Because I didn't really know him well, so we went in a couple of dates and It was nice but then, He started talking about really personal things that made the dates really awkward.

He won't stop talking about this girl at his work that stalks him and this and that...What made it more crazy was that He wanted me to meet his family and he also went on a trip to the UK and sent me lots of photos of him partying and stuff...

I decided to forget about him because of all that stuff and in our last date I was about to tell him when his GIRLFRIEND CALLED ...I was so shocked even more because He told me he had a girlfriend. After that he tried to called me a few times but I never answered. I never saw him again.


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  • he's a liar and a creep, no doubt about it... good thing you found out about all this before you ended up in bed or some other intimate situation


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