Why would a guy BRAG to everyone about his date?

Last week, a guy asked me out. Well, he didn't say it was a date or anything but I considered it was a date.

We went to the movies then we walked in the park. There wasn't so many people around. While walking, he held my hand all of a sudden! I didn't know what to do so we just walked like that for quite a while until we parted ways.

What bothers me is that a week after the date, rumours started spreading. My friends and his friends know that he held my hand during the date, but they never told me they knew. BUT I KNOW THEY KNOW. How annoying.

Now, I know some of my friends tell me that he is the kind of guy who tells stories A LOT. I am interested in him, but I am afraid he might only be playing around with me. I mean, why would he tell every single person he met that he went out with me and held my hand and stuff?

He does text me sometimes after that date though :/

I need your opinions, people! Thanks!


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  • I been with a guy like that.

    At first I didn't think too much of it and I thought it was cute and even thought "wow he must really like me" he told everybody and people who I didn't even know knew about me. The problem was that it didn't stop right there. When we kissed or any step up we took no matter how small the WHOLE school knew & anyone on his social network site. Even the breakup.

    Now me I have my own standards and I learned something after that relationship - I want privacy and what happens between us stays between us.

    After awhile it didn't seem like he was telling everyone because he was so proud of me but it was validation to him to make him seem like a ladies man in a way. If you don't like it nip it in the bud. Say in a clear direct manner that you'd prefer to keep what happens between you two only between you two and if that's an issue than mine as well be amongst friends for those random get-togethers so he won't have to waste his time recapping events for them since they'll be there themselves.


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  • You really need to chill out.

    At least he isn't ashamed of being with you or telling the whole world that you eat with your mouth open or something.

    Yes, you are really over thinking.

  • You are way over thinking things.

  • What's wrong with telling your friends that you went out on a date with a girl? Take it as a complement, don't freak out! lol


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