Is he married and playing me or what?

I have been talking to this guy online for about 2 months now. His an MP in the Army. He asked me to a movie at the beginning of the 1st month but canceled because he couldn't make it. About beginning of the second month he asked me out for drinks and texted me: where? I told him but then didn't hear back from him at all. he did say it depended on his nephew. Supposedly his nephew needed to be baby sat but he failed to text me that. Well I told him in email that the final time to see me would be next week because school was starting and I was free all that week. We made a date at a restaurant at about 3. I was suspicious so did not go into restaurant. I texted him at 3 saying I was going to be late even though I was actually 30 min early. Well he called me saying that his nephew needed a ride. So he would be there a bit late also. I waited in the car until about 4 texted him that I was there and that I would get a seat. He did not text back. I could see traffic on freeway from restaurant and it was busy so I gave him a bit of time. Waited in restaurant until 5:15 and did not hear from him. I sent him a very angry text. He called and said that his friend got into a fight with friends girlfriend supposedly cops were called. He supposedly had gotten mad and thrown his phone. Wanted to make it up to me. I was still mad but was willing to meet him at a different restaurant but he called me back asking if we could make it tomorrow. I said fine but that was his last chance with me. I told him I was working but will be out at 2 and he said he will text me at 3 or 4. So far it is 3:52 and has not texted me. Should I wait or should I text?


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  • I don't know if he is married but sounds like he isn't who he really says he is. Dr Phil had a show about people like him. He fits the description perfect. Lose his number and never text him back. He can't make the time and effort for you , then don't make the time or effort on him. Trust me. Don't fall for his sweet talking ways.

    • Thanks for Best answer, you deserve someone who wants you just as much as you want them. Just be careful with online dating. :)

    • You're welcome :) As for an update (not that I care anymore really) but the site that I met him says that he has not been on since that day I asked my question. So yeah he must've been found out by his wife lol. And thank you very much for your answer and advice. It's greatly appreciated.

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  • I think you should go ahead and text the guy, and if you feel comfortable with it, ask him your questions and concerns.


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