He's not very interested yet still contacts me. WHY?

I've been seeing someone for 10 weeks and at the beginning he was amazing. He was in contact everyday and we saw each other frequently. Now for some reason, he's only in touch every other day or every 2 days via text. He also doesn't ask me out as often as before.

He could be seeing someone else. It almost feels like our relationship could be over but for some reason he still texts me things like "good morning" and "how was your day". He won't go two days without saying something to me via text.

I don't get it. If his interest level has gone down, why is he still in contact?


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  • you aren't his new toy anymore. have you had the relationship talk? how far had your relationship progressed?

    seems to me that he is keeping you on a string. either he doesn't want to lose you but isn't sure where this is going yet.

    or maybe to him nothing is that different but the thrill "wore off" per se (that happened to me) so he still keeps you in mind and contacts you just not as often anymore when you were a brand new novelty and he was winning you over.

    or, it is very possible that you are his back burner. maybe he is dating multiple women or he has another woman and he doesn't want to commit to anyone but he wants to have his options so he is keeping you around but not making you his number one.

    i'd say you have some thinking to do.

    no contact=no interest. since there is contact, he still wants to keep you around. but you need to see if you are still on the same page.


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  • Still wants to keep you around just in case. Enjoys the communication when he's bored. You can always stop answering his texts if this relationship isn't going where you wanted it to go.

  • Honey, I'm exactly at the same boat with this guy. Play along with it. Do you like him? I think he's into what we call "Rubber Band Theory" stage. You know how men getting close, then pulling away to think, remain independent, feel manly and get too caught up in his emotions...doesn't know what to do with himself. Haha...Men normally do this to maintain a nice healthy balance. But BS...whatever.While he's in this stage all you've got to do girl is MAINTAIN YOUR STRENGHT. Let him come around to you. DO NOT send text or call him. Two things can happen 1. He'll stay gone for good - you've got your answer! No more waiting around for him (good riddens! He wasn't into you anyway and/or insecure) or 2. He'll suddenly reappear. - he'll have time to think, he'll have plenty of space & the rubber band effect will kick in and he will come around to seek you out. He will miss you and that's what you want him to do. Goodluck!