He Didn't Text Back!

So this guy I might kinda like didn't text back.

I think my phone was having network issues or something but after a while he kinda went quiet on me.

I was wondering what I should do?

We'd hang out that day and we both had fun, we flirted and laughed and basically it was great, one of the best days this week then he asked for my number. I gave him a temporary one that I'm using but its connection is really bad. He texted like five minutes after we'd parted then I replied then he texted back then my connnection went haywire.

I saw him a bit after that but I was with my friends and he was with his. He winked at me and I waved back. Then he texted later on but I didn't get the text till really later on.

I did text back but since then he hasn't tried calling or texting at all.

Zero interest? Or is he waiting till we meet in school?


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  • I'm sorry but I think you're overreacting a bit, it's a bit of a leap to go from "flirted and laughed" to "zero interest?", it's probably more likely that because you didn't reply for awhile (due to your network problems) that he just assumed that he was being too fast or something like that

    Or maybe he did text and you just didn't receive it.

    Either way, I think you're overreacting a bit, it sounds like you had a good time so why don't you be a bit more confident?

    • Hey :)

      I know my reply is like three months late. I just wanted to say thanxx for what you said :D

      You were right by the way...we did eventually get texting and we were really good texters :)

      I was definitely overreacting, but now at least I can say that part of me is a tad bit gone...so again thanxx :))

    • Glad to hear everything went well :)

  • Texting someone you're interested in is like waiting for sap to come out of a maple tree -- painfully slow. If you wait all day and keep checking your phone all the time you'll find that ultimately you'll get a text, but you'll waste the whole day looking and waiting for it. Just go about your business and the text will come if it's meant to, or won't if it's not meant to.

    • Hey so I'm sorry bout takin forever to reply...just wanted to say thanxx again :)

      The whole waiting buisness sucks, there needs to be some change in that arena :) but next time if ever I meet a guy that I like I'll be sure to go about my buisness without stressing out too much :))

    • :)