Should I message my ex? We had an argument.

Basically my ex and I are each others' first significant other. The relationship lasted four months and ended due to immaturity on my part. Ever since then we've been on and off talking again, each time ending with her saying she didn't like me, regardless of how interested she made herself seem.

We recently got in an argument after I found out she had made out with another guy while she was talking to me again. I was under the impression she liked me, she'd text me first, deny liking this guy and exposed him to me saying he was still trying to get with her (oh the irony), and would tease me (call me f**, its what we called each other when we went out lol). When we talked in person the day before I found out, she sat next to me and we laughed the hour away. She smiled a lot when I looked at her, touched me when she talked, it was good. I walked her to class and we hugged.

That same day though I found out that during break she had made out with the guy we had talked about, I confronted her and she said I was immature for me telling her not to talk to me again. We kept texting and basically she denied liking me and that she was just being a good friend by texting me first(lolwut). She said I was silly for thinking she liked me, and basically said that me getting mad at decisions she made was why she broke up with me in the first place (which is true lol, but how is that relevant?). By the end of the argument I told her what I thought she did was messed up, and she turned it on me and said:

"I hate you right now, I thought you cared about me. All you want to do is see me cry and stress and feel horrible. you're the most arrogant and selfish person I ever met."

I was seriously confused after the talk though. She was texting me to be a good friend? Lol, she took my flirting, teased me back, was touching me when we saw each other after break, what is she talking about? Lol anyway. Ever since then we Haven't talked. Its been a week, and as opposed to avoiding me she looks at me a lot and in a class we have together she makes eye contact with me and holds it. Its awk lol. I said "hi" to her yesterday and she said "hey" back, but I didn't really feel like saying anything else so I left.

We werent together so I'm not necessarily too mad that she kissed this guy, but still. She Supposedly kissed him but found out she didn't like him, and has been completely ignoring him lol... I don't know how that happened but anyway. Should I message her? She said she didn't like me lol so idk.


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  • you should probably do the no contact rule.

    • I did no contact before and it really didn't do anything. She's looking at me a lot even after denying liking me so I don't know what's going on.

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    • So she likes me, but doesn't want commitment?

    • i think she just wants to flirt and tlk to you but doesn't want to be in a relationship.

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