I don't get why my boyfriend doesn't answer some of my texts sometimes or try to keep the conversation going?

First my boyfriend and I are in our first real relationship and I could tell he's pretty shy so I think he doesn't like to call and rather text but anyway, so hell text me like heyy hows your day going and then ill tell him something that I did that day that was interesting or fun and then hell reply but eventually sometimes the conversation will just get boring. For example, the other day I asked him what he did today? So he replied that he gave his dog a bath and I replied wow that must have been a blast :P I thought of a cute name for a dog if I have one in the future: couscous and he didn't reply so twenty minutes later I just hit resend and then he replied right away and all he said was interesting. I get the feeling that he didn't really want to talk anymore, but this was clearly a message one should respond to. I don't understand why he does this he texts me but then he doesn't keep the convo going? And a lot of times he sends things with one word answers. I know usually that means they're not interested in talking, but I do know that he really really likes me for sure. I just don't understand why he texts like this?


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  • Hi - my last message might have been in bad taste, I was obviously joking when I put "SO". I was deliberately doing what you'd said your boyfriend does when he texts. Soz - obviously wasn't funny after all! Listen I've read some of the other peoples answers and I don't necessarily agree with what they are advising you.

    Ok - I take it your boyfriend isn't the talkative type? I'd also hazard a guess and say he's probably not a good conversationalist either. Would you be offended if I said I thought he might not be the sharpest knife in the box?

    HOWEVER none of the above means your boyfriend loves you any less than if you were dating David bleedin Letterman.

    C'mon be fair, the Guy texts you and asks you "heyy hows your day going?"

    He's only sent the text to make you happy. He knows that you like it when he texts you, it's the only reason he sent the first bloody text.

    unfortunately absolutely no thought goes into messages 2 and 3 so end of text conversation. Admittedly this annoy's you but it doesn't mean he's being deliberately rude, avoiding you or anything negative like that - so stop giving him a hard time! If he hasn't got the verbal skills your looking for in a relationship then finish with him gently - otherwise chill out and accept the fact he is what he is.


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  • Does he actually LIKE texting? Might not be anything personal - my boyfriend goes on about me not texting back in a timely fashion often, but I really do just hate that mode of communication. I also don't particularly want to be in touch with anybody 24/7 - not even the people I love most in the world. I'd rather save a bit of interesting conversation for face to face meets. Why not have more regular dates? If he's too shy for phone conversations, how about using IM or something every now and then?

    As for finding him boring - is it just in text messages, or in general? If it's a more general issue then perhaps you should re-assess the relationship since you can't care about him a great deal.

  • because they get boring...talk in person...save calls/texts for making plans