Is he messing with me? I cannot tell.

I am 17 and female

Ths is long but I'm trying to explain

There is this guy I used to go to school with, and we were friends. We started being friends towards the end of last year, and he'd go out of his way to hang around me in the two classes we shared. He'd compliment my drawings or something, and I really had thought he liked me. However we never hung out outisde of classes, I guess maybe it was because I hid out in the library usually because I had a low self esteem ( I was really fat and now I am not though) I asked for his number and we texted, usually just joking about stuff. We never hung out oustide of school, then again no one hung out with me I had no friends back in school.

I stopped think he liked me though because towards last few days of school he sort seemed like he was avoiding me or acting awkward around me and I think he found out through a person I knew that I liked him, but I'm not sure. We still talked and then I left school but he still texted me and we made fun of stuff. In fact we texted towards the middle of summer actually, but he never asked to hang out or anything. I asked him once if he'd like to go hang out or go hiking maybe and he said OK. We texted a couple times after ward but he never mentioned it so I assumed he didn't want to and was just being polite.

A couples weeks later I just stopped texting him, and he texted me "Hey" once more but I never responded and he never texted me again.

Fast forward to these past two months, he got a Facebook and he started commenting on statuses, usually to make fun of something or make some sarcastic remark. He never messages me like he did though when we texted each other though, but he still comments a lot on my statuses. Usually not my serious statuses though, and I posted a picture of my weight loss and people said I was really good looking and even a guy told me I was. But he never comments on my photos or "likes" them it usually something else. It also seems like I'm the only other person he really talks to on there

I don't get it? Its like he goes to talk to me but he never reallt initiates anything. Its like he doesn't notice I've lost weight even though everyone else said I had (I've lost like 60 lbs). I can understand if he doesn't like me, but even as a friend its like he wants to talk but then he doesn't. I really thought he had liked me last year even though I was fat, but I couldn't tell.

but No one ever asks me to hang out anyway though, I've been told I'm intimidating or I am very shy or something. I don't know if he even finds me attractive or sees that I look different.

people say I am attractive now but I don't understand what he wants? Its like he'll talk then ignore me? He never really intiates anything? Then he acts alls sarcastic or something.

What do I do? Why is he acting like this? I can't tell if he ever liked me or what. Or I'm just paranoid or if he's messing with me.

Please help?


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  • I'm not sure.I don't think he liked you in that way.Some relationship dynamics work as a "talk" only relationship.No going out or doing activities together.Maybe he just liked to talk to you.Maybe he likes you now but that would be embarrassing to confess because he'll be superficial to like you after you lost weight.I don't know really.. Plus are you okay with a guy who would only go out with you after you lose weight? It's a tough dilemma for sure. In all cases,don't make the move,wait for him.


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