Best Text games you've ever played?

So people what is the best Text games you've played with someone of the opposite gender?

Me it would be DE-MOTIVATIONAL Contest. The game consist in Dissing playfully the member of the opposite gender. We all know how women love to demean guys for doing stupid stuff, and we all know guys that women are all perverts. The rules are simple just send a picture with an humoristic message about a member of the opposite sex and reply a humoristic picture countering the previously sent image.

The game can only be fun in a flirtatious context usually before the game starts there needs to be a little sexual flow going on in the text. Who ever starts it isn't important the only important thing. Is to win. The winner sets the time and place for the date.

Here's an example of what I mean.

I send this to a girl (I believe she is the type to use guys and get away with it easily).


She replies something like this


Then the game is on.

What's the Best TExt games you've ever played?


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  • Sounds like a stupid pointless game!

    • You can tell a lot from a girl who knows how to play it. It doesn't have to have a winner. Also It can get a little sexist at the times so if you're sensitive and get offended easily I would not recommend for you to play.

      The nerd thing was a picture a girl sent to me once. I was LMAO, I got her back with



      "you hurt my feelings there honey, don't you think a nerd like me deserves some credit for approaching you" -Sarcasm-

    • Believe it or not I got a date afterwards.

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  • would you rather, 20 questions

    • lol Too boring. I'd rather play this with a girl. Wanna play you get the first round? :D I'll tease you along the way.

  • I don't play text games


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  • I suppose it depends on what you consider a text game.

    Games like Zork and Oregon Trail were pretty fun in their day, when computers with ANY graphics ability at all were rare. I played OT on an Apple II and Zork on an original IBM PC.

    There were also super-early text-graphics games like Star Trek, which I played for the first time on an IBM CP/M-based workstation (pre-DOS), but was originally written for a mainframe.

    About a decade later, BBS-based online text games were popular (I used to love Trade Wars), and also MUDs (multi-user dungeons) on early text-based Internet connections. MUDs were the first MMORPGs, but text-based instead of graphical.

    I did all of those. I probably enjoyed Trade Wars the most.

    • Now THIS is what text games are =)

      While I'm not a crazy fan boy (there's no real reason I'm not though), Homestarrunner has made some wonderful throwbacks to text games:



      I also like their Amiga-like Peasant Quest.

      I was playing NetHack with some fellow students when I was doing my undergrad, but that game is HARSH. Never did get into Dwarf Fortress...

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