If a guy stops texting,even though I have yet to meet him,should I consider it a lack of interest?

Hey guys!

I started talking to this guy off of an internet dating site.We were texting for a few days,and for the last few days he hasn't really been texting as much...and he is also still on the dating site.Sometimes we are on simultaneously. Should I just forget about him since he hasn't text me back even when I texted him?He hasn't properly asked me out or anything...am I jumping the gun?


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  • He can still be on the site if you two are just texting. You haven't even met him so why should he not be able to get on?

    Secondly yes, generally when a man stops texting you or his texts decrease in quantity, then he has lost interest and/or found someone else. Since you met him on a dating site he probably is talking to another girl (or heck many girls at the same time!) other than you.

    DO NOT TEXT HIM. Number one rule to follow right there. If he wants you, he will text you. Promise. But never ever chase the man or you'll have him running away from you instead of to you.

    • I agree.

    • Thanks for your answer,I did not text him,he ended up texting me tonight.But I will keep this advice in mind for sure.

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  • Personally, I would just give it time. This happened to me and we are still talking.

    • Hmmmm...I will consider this...

  • Yes, move on to the next one.