Broke up with me because he was focusing on his career, what's wrong with me?

When my ex broke up with me he told me that he thought that I was super beautiful and super sweet, but that he just didn't want a relationship and was focusing on his career. I think that was partly true, because we haven't been together for a while and he hasn't dated anyone at all since then. However, I recently started trying to date this other guy and he doesn't really seem like he's that interested either. He told a mutual friend that he thought that I was really pretty and nice, and that he didn't think think he was good enough for me and that I didn't need to deal with his craziness. I don't understand why these guys say that I'm pretty and nice or whatever, but they don't want to date me?


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  • Guy #1 putting career 1st as his priority. Guy #2 putting excuses as his priority.

    Try not to beat yourself up over a few bad apples.Theres plenty guys in this world that will make your world more colorful. Espically the guy you think are just a friend of not my type, as long as he always there for you that's all that matters lol.


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  • Nothing is wrong with you. Some guys get intimidated by cute and hot girls. They make up excuses to try to justisfy a reason not to be serious. I think eventually you will find somebody. Just don't give up hope yet. I'm pretty sure their are guys out their who wouldn't mind dating a super beautiful and super sweet and nice girl like you.

  • Guy#1 moved on and was trying to be nice, Guy#2 might just not like you. If either likes you, they'll be back. Don't make assessments about yourself from 2 guys, there are billions of others out there.


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