Is she leading me on?

This girl and I connected online. We had a really good chemistry and connected quickly. I asked for her phone number and she readily gave it to me. We texted back and forth and she's always really positive but she seems to get sidetracked easily. She gets tied up doing her homework and forgot that I had texted her one time. I initiated a phone call this last week and we talked for about an hour and a half and it was pretty great, we were laughing and having a good time talking to each other it felt like we were well acquainted by the end of the night. She was tired so she had to let me go but she told me we should talk again soon and that I should text her whenever I'm not busy. I wait a day and text her the next day and I get nothing in response. I don't freak out, she's probably just busy. I try again after another day where I don't contact her and again I'm met with silence. I just don't understand what's going on here. If she didn't like me she didn't have to tell me to text her she could have just ended the call. I'm getting pretty frustrated that she can't even be bothered to reply with an "I'm busy right now" I've never personally experienced it but is she leading me on? I feel really foolish when I text a girl and she doesn't respond at all even next day. She also was in a really long relationship so I'm not sure if she's maybe scared to like someone again. I could really use some reactions from girls to this.


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  • At this point I don't believe it would be leading you on. It sounds like maybe she lost interest or scared for some reason. I've been on both the receiving and the gving end. One thing that rings true either way is no matter how busy you are you're always capable of making time for who you feels worth it.


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  • She's not leading you on. Perhaps, she's just busy. Or she lost her phone.

    Things like that happen. I'm pretty sure that call you made raised up her interest thus attracted to you.