Tips on going from casual to committed. Seem to have trouble in this part of dating?

Why can't a guy tell you he wants to go slow if you are hinting you are looking for a relationship?

Why is stating what you want seen as pressuring?

Why would a guy continue to date you properly if all he wants is just sex?

Are you supposed to keep seeing him if he says he does not want a relationship to you?

Cause when I mentioned I did not want friends with benefits he left me.

How can you tell if you are just being strung along or he is taking you seriously?


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  • It's not that easy to do but it's possible. The only thing for a guy that is more comforting that sex, Is a mother's love. You don't have to be or act like his mother, you'll scare him away big time. I say, only provide the kind of support his mother would have given him. Find out FAST what was his relationship with his mother and you might get a chance at this.

    I've dumped/stopped seeing girls who had Daddy issues. It's very trouble some when you meet a nice girl start the conversation, are having a great time, you push a little bit the limits of the converation and go deeper into her past, just to discover that she had a conflicting relationship with her daddy or he was never there.

    These girls wanted a relationship to fix their issues with their dad's (therapist job not mine).

    Why? don't give them a chance, because I want to date someone healthy.

    • LoL I do not have daddy issues at all and still find myself attracting a**holes. Trying to break out of that! I guess when I date as soon as I see a bit of douche I am out. Not putting up with bullsh*t again.

      Do find that a good deal breaker though. Good tip! :).

    • Attracting A** holes doesn't have anything to do with what I mean by daddy issues. What I mean by that is that she has emotional scars caused by her dad. Ex: Abusive with guys, always a need to make men feel like sh!t for her to feel good. = Daddy issues ( I met a girl like that, she would get beaten by her dad).

      That an automatic, Discard.

      I don't date damaged girls anymore, too many problems. I prefer healthy girls.

      As a guy I would not commit to a girl with 99 problems.

    • Well I have no problems at all and they seem to get bored with me. Shrugs. Go figure.

      I am with you there. I want to date someone healthy also who does not just want sex. Lately the guys I seem to meet only want casual. Roll eyes.

  • It's because time and energy is finite. There's a limited time for everything. That's why guys don't tend to take things slow.

    It's because there is a goal/objective to achieve that's why it's pressuring. For example, you say "I want an ice cream in a minute" Then the guy starts to trouble himself looking for an ice cream. That's pressuring.

    Because sex is everything for a guy. They always want to blow their load on someone, and it gives them a satisfying feeling. The same like winning a million dollars.

    Not really. If you're uncomfortable about him, you should start ignoring him or good.

    If sex is all he wants, it's better when you're apart. You deserve better.

    You can sense it. If doesn't want to have a relationship and keeps on sleeping with you, you're just being strung along.

    • Still find it odd how just stating something is seen as that.

      Well. He was the one ignoring me when I told him I did not want friends with benefits. Even though he finally told me the truth and stopped stringing me along. It still hurt because I told him a month into it that I did not want casual and he still kept pursuing me, not giving a sh*t about how I felt.

      Just glad I spoke up instead of dragging it out and wasting time.

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