Will he never ask me out again?

So yesterday I had been planning on going on a double date with my best friend and her boyfriend and a guy that I really like yesterday evening. I had been feeling sick all day and my friend knew that by about an hour before the date I had to cancel and go to the hospital because of food poisoning! I feel sooooooo bad! He had been cooking us lobster and steaks and we were both really excited, and I feel super guilty but I really needed to go see a doctor! Is he never going to want to go on a date with me again? Will he think I gross if I had food poisoning? Thanks!


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  • I think you have a good excuse. I'm sure he understands your situation, and will reconsider postponing your date for another time. Also, if he doesn't initiate, it's also a good move if you set up your date. You owe him something, though unintentionally, and it's a good way to make up.

    Of course, it's not gross to be food poisoned. It happens always.

    • Thanks, that makes me feel less of a jerk! I already asked if he would be up to do anything Monday!

  • No honey. Just let your friend tell him that you had food poisoning and could not make it. She should then tell him that you think he's cute and would like to reschedule for another day.


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