Guys and girls, is it bad to text a guy first?

I never know if this is a bad thing or not, and now I want to text one of my mates and don't know if it comes across to strongly.


If both of you don't talk to much but do on random occasions and the same through text and the last time you talked was two days ago because of a message that involved every contact. would it seem to eager if I said hello first?

Bearing in mind he said you both should go out sometime that day.


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  • NO. I say that it is never bad to text first unless the person you are textong specifically told you not to. If you have never texted that person before it is also fine if you want to text first. The only time I'd put a negative connotation to texting first is if it is unwelcomed or too frequent to the point of irritation or clingyness. Again the person you text will let you know the deal

    • thank you, think I'm going to text them now in that case x

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  • No, of course not. Why do you girls always think that a simple message would come off as too eager, strong or too clingy? It's just a message.

    • I think it's more of the fact if they keep expecting you making the effort or feeling like a hassle but thank you :D c

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    • That is understandable actually, I never really thought of it like that if I'm being honest :)... and that's true :) x

    • With these things you simply need to reverse the roles. What if he never initiated? You would most probably assume he's not interested. And in case he does always initiate, you would probably start to think he's interested? Well it actually works both ways ;)

      After all, we guys are also human, just like girls.

  • Unless you're old fashionand use house phone instead of telephone. theresnothingwrong with texting each other regardless of gender.


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  • Why would it be bad? It's not that the guy should make all the effort all the time, he might think you're not interested or don'( fancy hearing him. If you want to text him, text him ;)

    • that is true I just don't want to seem like a bother :L, thank you for the comment x

    • If you'd bother him, he'll let you know ;)