How do women know when you plan to stop talking to them? ESP

I am seeing this girl, she hardly ever text or call. Well I figure she is not interested. So every time I delete her number from my phone. That's when she will text or call and show interest again! How does she know when I do that?


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  • So your giving her the attention correct, your the one that is doing everything. Ok, than out of the blue you stop. The girl may like you but you aren't giving any effort in dropping a bit of the connect to let HER contact you. As soon as you do that you show you have a life and become a challenge; guess what they are back knocking on your door. Girls, love attention (guys too) but it can get old and things get too easy. Its the challenge that got them to come back to you.

    • The only time it doesn't work is when your both trying to be a challenge to test each other... but that is rare.

    • Thanks, I see that happening. I always felt you like some you talk to them. So, we must be both challenging each other great hahaha!

    • hehe, could be. Thanks for the best answer...

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  • Maybe she's just waiting for you to make the first move. Woman like that. But if not, She will know when to text and call after She feels There's too much distance between you two and not enough contact. It's just a woman's initiative. (;

    Don't worry about it, we know what to do and when to do it if you decide to give up on us.

  • she doesn't she probably just feels neglected. obviously she isn't a psychic...surprised you are 30-35 years old and seriously asking that question. you are supposed to be texting and calling her at least every few days otherwise she will think you don't care.

    • Not sure why she would feel that been few dates with her, I am really new to the dating game. I just had a really nasty divorce few years back and didn't want to bring my baggage into a new thing so, please bear with me on this lol ;)

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