I really want to ask this girl out on a date but she's emotionally vulnerable right now.

I've known this girl for about 6 months now and she came over to my city for a new job. But she has been having issues (at work, with her parents, with her housemates) for a while and now it's taking it's toll on her. I've been there to comfort her while she has been crying her eyes out and thinking of committing suicide. I still like her though and would like to take her on a date but there are a few problems I'm facing:

1. She's emotionally vulnerable right now. I don't want to run the risk of her saying yes to me just because I'm the only one who's there for her. She might just be saying yes because she has nobody else who's there for her right now and I don't feel that's right.

2. I don't want her to feel as if she has to say yes just because I have helped her through a lot. I liked her before she started confiding in her. But I don't want her to feel as if she owes me a favour.

3. I feel as if I'm friend-zoned because I have been helping her out a lot. I must admit that this website is partly responsible for making me feel this way. I feel as if she's only sees me as a friend because I chose to help her out and didn't ask her out sooner.

4. I don't want to risk losing our friendship and I especially don't want her to feel like she can't come to me for help if she rejects my date invitation.

Your thoughts? What should I do?


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  • Well I think ask her out in a way that's like taking her out to have fun, and talking her out of suicide. I mean she needs to have some fun right now, and lighten her load. You can't fix all her problems obviously. Asking is befter than not asking, cos maybe she has nobody.

    You won't lose your friendship. Its better to ask these things if you have feelings for her cos otherwise it might be lost in translation. she might only see you as a good friend, but either way asking you can kind of find out where she is at. it does sound like she is pretty stressed out and troubled.

  • It sounds like you really care for her. It also sounds like she has friend zoned you. Judging by the situation, she doesn't need a new romance to add to her already hectic and frustrating life. She needs you by her side in these difficult times to be her rock, her stable place. I think that once she has her feet on the ground again you can start to make your feelings more known. She'll appreciate that you stood by her through the tough times and recognize that you have major boyfriend potential.


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