Who is (more) in the wrong?

Okay, so I guy I met about a month+ ago was in the same town as me (both partying/at the bar). I texted him asking where he was and told him I would come out and visit him and he said okay. It was just me and I was hanging with him and his buddies. We drank and were talking. I kind of felt as if I was the one doing most of the flirting or trying to anyways. He did get me a beer, but he kind of ditched me and left me with his cousin. I looked for him and saw that he was dancing with some chick...not going to lie I was jealous and hurt. So, instead of being there with someone who obviously didn't care about me...I left without saying goodbye to him. I said bye to his cousin/hugged him bye and left. I did shoot him a text saying I was leaving though, but of course he ignored it. I figured he might text me this morning, but still nothing.

I'm pretty sure he was in the wrong, but I can see how it might be sh*tty of me to have just left without saying goodbye but whatever.

Thanks, I kind of needed to vent.


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  • Yeah it's pretty messed up of him and it shows he is reallr not that interested in you. I would not do that. But if I was trying to come up with any reason why he might do what he did, it would be because you invited yourself out with him so he wasn't going to change the way he was going to spend his night. Still it was a d*** move on his part.


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  • he was being a jerk, if you two was somewhat talking or dating. if just friends hanging out he kinda did ditch you.

    The question is is he worth your time?


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  • I don't quite know if either of you were in the wrong. Its a very relative term.

    If you two weren't dating, then he might not have meant to dump you. OR maybe his cousin thought you were cute, and he wanted to let him try to date you?

    It is quite possible this guy didn't even know you liked him. Guys tend to be kinda dense when it comes to that (No offense guys, not bad thing)

    And I don't think you were in the wrong either. You were jealous, and wanted to get out. I don't think that was bad. I mean, if you hadn't texted him, it would have been rude, but you had.

    In short, no one was much in the wrong, but I can see why you would have been frustrated.