True or False, In the dating world, Everyone is your competition?

In this day and age, society's dating world has evolved into an era where almost anything is possible, people don't have to worry about race, gender and even online dating is common among people.

My problem is Why can't people accept that in the dating world where people are still single, there is no rules, yet time after time, people try to label others as their "guy" or "Girl".

For example: Online dating, people have profiles all over the place, so its not unusual for guys & girls to be talking to multiple people, So why the big fuss if you're not the center of the person's attention?

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  • I think it's because people have it in their head that they can lay claim to people. I don't think everyone is my competition because I feel pretty confident in myself. You're right though that technically you're competing with every straight guy who is after the girl you want.


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  • Everyone isn't your competition.

    There is no one person, that everyone wants to be with.

    That everyone thinks they have a shot with.

    That everyone will try for.

    and, even if there was... who says they would like everyone back?

    Truth is, you never really know who, or how much, competition you have.

    So always be you.. and be the best you..

    You don't want to misrepresent yourself or sell yourself short..

  • I agree with you on that but there's always competition out here someone can like the person you like.Also like you said on online dating you have multiple choices that is some source of competition. hope I helped:-)

  • I voted false, I just don't see it that way. If someone "wins" the guy/girl over me, then doesn't that usually mean the person I like likes that person more than they like me? So that's who they should be with, as hard as it is to accept.

    Like, if I were single and talking to a few guys at once, getting to know them, and I decide that I like one guy a lot more than the rest, the rest are no longer "competition." I see it that way if the guy I like is talking to other girls, too.


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  • I voted FALSE. IMO the only real competition is yourself. You can't change your personality or your looks. There will always be someone funnier, and better looking than you . You can change your behavior...your actions, and what you say.

    Ultimately, what YOU say...and what YOU do, either raises or lowers the interest/attraction level of the person you're interested in. If you're in a relationship, and your partner decides to leave...they didn't leave because of your competition...they left because you turned them off. Making YOURSELF your biggest competition.

    • in that light, sure but if there was a girl you were interested in, you have display your perks/great attributes or another guy might win her attention.

    • Like I said, there will always be someone else with better perks/attributes than you. Instead, you have to know what raises the romantic interest level in women. 99% of guys fall in love too fast. By doing so, they say and do things that lowers a womans interest level. Case, and point. The guy is no longer a mystery because he pours out his heart to her. He is no longer a challenge to her, which causes her to lose interest in him. She leave because another guy is more of a challenge!

  • I vote for false.

    I always set my mind that I'm the best, and I always assume attraction so in the dating world, I almost get all the women I want. The competition is between me and her.

    • Why do you think that way, I'm referring to you setting your mind that way on purpose.

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    • unique but interesting confidence +1

    • The competition is not intersexual, but INTRAsexual.

  • Pretty much, but it's fun to learn people who limit themselves over silly things. Means they're less competition :P

  • Everyone isn't competition.

    Women - Not my competition.

    Men who are in relationships already - not my competition.

    Men who don't want relationships - not my competition

    Guys who are +10 years older or younger than me - not my competition.

    • You never know who the girl finds attractive.

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    • Call it whatever you want, at least I'm not seeing rivals every time I turn my head.

    • I'm not trying to make it sound negative but only trying to point out that everyone shouldn't walk around in the dating world acting like they're chuck norris, which is a common trend till that girl/guy gets rejected by the girl/guy they were trying to pursue.