If a guy tries to kiss a girl, is it bad if she turns her face?

ladies is it bad if a girl moves her face as side while I tried to kiss her? She allowed me to put my arms around her wait and allowed me to lean in a bit close then she just turned her face


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  • she probably liked you holding her but was not ready to kiss you. they are different things. touching and kissing. holding is affectionate. kissing can be affectionate but -mouth to mouth in dating- is always at least a bit sexual.

    she may not have been ready. often once you do one thing the other person just thinks you can keep increasing and increasing. for a lot of people-esp guys- a kiss is not a kiss, but rather a green light to more quickly get to home base. so she may just want to take it slow.

    at least I've been in that situation and that's exactly what id do. if I liked the holding part but was not ready to kiss. well that is if I could not just SAY I'm not ready. or no. which I can. but many people feel bad about.

    anyways if she turns her face that means don't kiss her. that's what you do when you're avoiding a kiss that appears to be coming soon. there's not always time to SAY something, but you can turn your head., even if the hold is tight.

    you should have just asked her. I mean if you're going to kiss her you should be able to TALK about it.

    or rather, if you can not talk about it don't do it.

    or rather. WAIT till you're comfortable enough with the possibility of misha;s or anything that requires clarifying. BEFORE you go physical. out of respect. for both of you.

    • @It's not a good sign, if they turn away. Did you play off and kiss her check or something, and tell her she great friend?

      IT DOES NOT MEAN SHE DOES NOT 'LIKE' YOU. its not an all or nothing deal.

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    • me and her are friends, it's really tough to ask her specially now because she's depressed and stressed out I don't think it would be a good time

    • Oh. I see. lol that would've helped to know you're friends.

      well don't bother her now, but maybe some time when things have calmed down. you can tell her you like her. if it feels right. if not just keep being friends, and see if things progress on their own. imo being friends does NOT destroy chances for a relationship. in a lot of cases it just makes it stronger.

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  • She probaby didn't feel like kissing in that moment

    • but there's still a chance she's into me ?

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    • She said have a great week? And that's it?

    • yup

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  • It's not a good sign, if they turn away. Did you play off and kiss her check or something, and tell her she great friend?

    • i did, I hugged her and told her I'm here for her and she doesn't have to go through all the struggles by herself, told her we'll do this together

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