What's a good date to take a tomboy?

A girl from my once a week college class whom I am thinking of asking out. There seems to be mutual attraction, I don't want to take her to the generic dinner and a movie. So I was wondering, what type of date would you recommend? And what would be your ideal first date?

Appreciate all comments so far. I guess it would help if I added that I prefer one 0n one scenarios or at least not too much people around to be distracted.


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  • I'm pretty easy to please.. My first date with my last boyfriend was spot on.

    We went for a walk in a forest, which was a right laugh since we both kept tripping over! And then found a seat and talked whilst watching the sun go down :)

    The point? Don't try too hard.

    If you want to do something active, bowling is a good one - just let her win! :p

    • Bowling seems like a good idea since its freezing in this area. Thanks.

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  • MUDDING !!!

  • My ideal first date would be anything that involved being outside...but if you're where I'm from, it's super freezing cold so I wouldn't advise that right now.

    • It's freezing here too, would you suggest anything else? preferably indoors. Thanks

    • If she's up for it, you could go indoor rock climbing.

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  • 1 - Rockclimbing

    2 - Archery

    3 - Snowboarding

    4 - Paintball

    5 - Bear Hunting (my personal favorite)

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