I thought of a perfect way to set up a date with a girl, can y'all approve of it?

1. Give her two options to go out, but set them exactly a week apart, that way if she is on her period or has something to do, she can pick a different week.

2. Go see a movie first, then a dinner. This way you can have something to talk about at dinner. Make sure it is either a movie she really wants to see or a scary movie so she likes it more.

3. Don't invite her back to your house because it is creepy. On the second date take her to a park for a picnic or a mini-golf/disk-golf course during non busy hours so that you can be doing something active while being in private to get to know each other.

Anyways, that is my plan for a girl I am about to go out with, Jessica. Can y'all tell me if it is a good plan?


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  • Ok just few comments here,

    1.A girl will still go on a date if she's on her period, unless you are extremely observant you won't be able to tell the majority of time they're on it, they just might not want sex which doesn't seem to be a problem here.

    2.Dinner and a movie is fine, as far as scary movies go, not usually best, not as many girls like them as you would think, some comedy or romantic movie is usually best, or just something she's interested in.

    3.Nothing seems bad here.

    Best of luck man

    • Excellent advice from Collin here, can't think of anything to add. Let us know how your date goes.

    • Good answer, I'll let you know how my first one went after tomorrow.

    • Alright sounds good, and thanks

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