Should I go for it?

so I recently met this guy online.. he seems like a very interesting character.. very outgoing, and worldly... but he keeps mentioning how he is very eclectic about who he wants to date.. and apparently he finds me interesting over short online/email conversation..

.i don't know if I should go on a date with because I honestly don't want to feel like I'm not good enough for somebody if he does end up not wanting to date me, I guess...i feel like he thinks I might be something I'm not.. even though I have never said anything that was not true about me... so what should I do guys and girls?


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  • Finding someone or looking for someone online does have it's advantages and disadvantages. You are safe, more able to be yourself, and it's generally easier. The disadvantages are that society imposes negative norms on the idea of net dating. Not too mention the obvious case of lying, which is very easy given the identity shielding of being online.

    My advice is to take it slowly, continue to talk to him and make him a priority when you talk to him. But just be sure he gives the same effort and take it from there. Now about the being turned down part. I think your giving him too much credit here. Being turned down, whether in person on the net, can be a blessing in disguise. You'll never move forward if you do not take chances. If you ask to meet him and he declines, do not get depressed or feel pity. Take heart that you were able to muster up the courage to do such a thing.

  • Baby birds in the nest never know they can fly until they try.

    Sometimes they fail and fall to the ground. But they pick themselves up and try again. Sooner or later they succeed. Once they do, it opens up a whole new world for them- one where they live up to their full potential. If they didn't, their lives would be spent looking at the same twigs day in and day out instead of souring up with the eagles.

    It's up to you what you want to do. If you do decide to go forward, be careful like Littletad suggested.


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