Any advice....any at all? Take it slow? Move on?

This guy & I have been communicating for about four or five months. Near the middle of Dec he added his ex back on FB. (The day after he added me in mid Sept, he deleted her.) She starts posting sh*t on his wall/tagging him in pics & (sometimes inappropriate) statuses. I never called her out on it, or mentioned it to him. Two weeks ago, he stopped texting me. Week into it, I texted him "hey hows work? hope you're doing well." He didn't reply.

Just for the hell of it, today I FBmessaged him, figuring it was worth a shot, even tho he never replied to the messages before (He'd reply through text, not actual FB). Five minutes later, he replied through FB! Whaaaat the hell? lol

I'm confused...respond through FB, but not text? Could his ex be snaking her way back into his life?


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  • sometimes texts don't go through to people, til like days later.

    Sounds like he's playing games, and wanted to keep his image on Facebook.


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  • Hard to say. It clearly seems like she's making her way back into his life, but he also could have other stuff going on.

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