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I know this guy for a while now. He used to drink a lot of energy drink at work and when we started going out I casually mention he should toned down on the energy drink as its not good for health. He basically quit after that. We only dated for 2months and after we broke up he started drinking again for a couple of month but then stop entirely. Been almost 2years now since he stop. He also hate listening to the radio, all he listen to in his car was his cds but I told him while we were dating that I like listening to the radio. I heard from a friend that he listen to the radio now. There are other things that he do that makes me wonder if he still likes me. But you know how people says that we tend to mirror someone we like, could he be doing that?


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  • Yes, you changed a lot in his life. I think you really impacted a lot in his life, and he's now living in your own reality. And, that's a good thing.


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  • You broke up because you told him what to do...don't tell men what to do, especially with back talk. If you told me that, I would have broken up with you in a second!

    • what are you on about? we didn't break up because of that and I did not tell him what to do!

    • yes you did...and yes you did

  • It's more likely he just developed some new habits. Like maybe he found radio wasn't as bad as he thought, once he started listening to it. And now it's a habit.

    I wouldn't read anything into it.


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