What are your limits when it comes to dating?

Do you have limits when it comes to dating? (Age,if they have kids, etc) What factors help you make that decision?


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  • Absolute Restrictions


    Age range +/- 5 years (no more / no less)

    No kids...I am new to dating and that's just too much for me to start with

    She has a respectable job or is at least a decent work history (I can understand this well being that my former company laid-off my entire team prior to Xmas)

    She can't be saving herself for marriage...I still have my virginity too, but I want to know I'm compatible with her in ALL ways before I marry her

    She has to have things in common with me (if she has little in common with me it's not going to work out)

    She's at least partially college-educated (or ambitious and active in ways a college graduate would be)



    She's a non-smoker (or close to successfully quitting)

    She loves video games as much as I do (or loves some other shared interests as much as I do)

    She loves traveling (like abroad, too)


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  • This is a basic image of my "limits" ofc there are many others ,but are complicated stuff and so on .

    Age 6 +- .

    Kids .

    Control freaks .

    Drama queens .

    Clingy .

    Too arrogant .

    Stupid .

    Druggies .

    Racists .

    Fascists .

    Too overweight (mostly cause of the lack of self care) .

    Bitchy (bitchy to other is fine to a point , but to me ...) .

    I can't come to think of more atm , I guess those are good enough .

  • i did at first when in high school and around people like college you find yourself making standards but on my own I don't really ask for much only down to earth -_-

  • Like anon said, no dead people, I also don't like serial killers, girls who've had a sex change, animals, girls with kids by more than one man, a girl more than 4 years apart, a girl who's more than 3 points higher or lower than me as far as looks go, and someone who's below average intelligence, sometimes not even average intelligence.

  • Well I'm 26, coming 27.

    Nobody younger than 23/24

    No body has has dreams of travelling the world.

    I couldn't be with a female who already has kids

    A female who wants/open to children.

    Can't be a weekend drug chick either

    The rest would then just be personality based:

    not crazy


    has a good social circle

    etc etc etc

  • It's when she has a kid, the age gap is so huge like 4 years and up, and she's not attractive at all.

  • I'm 21, so clearly in 5 years this will change.

    18 is the minimum - no exceptions.

    Age 24 is my cap. I mean, I'd be fine dating a woman who is 26 or 27, but I doubt we'd be on the same page in life.

    Kids are a no-no, as I'm not ready for them and a single mom needs a man who is.

  • being ugly and repelling all girls with my ugliness

    • Oh oka-WHA?!

      How does that-Why would-Who would even-W-WHAT?!

      So you want a girl who is ugly and uses YOUR ugliness to repel other girls away? Am I reading this correctly?

    • Here use these:




      Those links will help you to be better than average, since the average guy probably doesn't try hard enough on each subject.

  • I won't date girl that has kids. I won't date a girl that is or was promiscuous. The latter is the thing I have most of an issue with.

  • I won't date a zygot or a dead person


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  • Age: I'm 24, so I could see myself dating someone between the age of 22-30, the age rang will most likely widen as I get older.

    Looks: I'm not terribly pick, they can't look like a slob (as in they have to be clean shave or if they have facial hair keep it neat, wear nice clothing, ect.) But I'm not to picky when it comes to natural body traits I.E: Hair color, weight, ect.

    Kids: I'd consider it, it would certainly be something that might make me hesitant.

    Education: I need someone college educated...educations huge for me and not having a degree or seeking one might just be a deal breaker.

    Job: If they are going to school I don't mind if they don't have a job or only have one part time but other than that they need to either be working or busting their ass looking for a job.

  • Currently at this phase of life...

    - I will not date someone with a child. Why? Simply put, I am selfish and slightly immature. I like having a man all to myself, I don't want to have to share him with a kid who's not mine and his ex. I like being able to date him and get his spare time without having to take into consideration a family *whether or not he likes it* he created. I am only 20 years old and I feel that children are way too big of a responsibility. I don't want to date a guy and constantly have him questioning whether I'm "mommy material" because he went out and knocked someone up and now that's something he's going to have to consider with any girl he wants to be serious with. I don't want to worry about getting attached to a child I have no legal rights to. I don't want to have to worry about a mother who is territorial over her kid and may still have feelings for her man. It's just a huge pain in the ass that I don't want to deal with.

    - I won't date anyone over the age of 28 unless someone really special and wonderful who is over that age comes into my life and makes an impression on me!

    - No guys with baggage. I'm not a therapist; it's not fair for me to be responsible to fix someone's heart. I used to do that all the time and I'm over it. It's generally stressful. I can be a wonderful supporter emotionally but the guy has to at least have began to fix the baggage on his own instead of just rushing into a new relationship and dumping all of his sh*t on someone else. That's stressful and unfair.

    - Ignorant. I can't take dealing with someone who is ignorant about race and ethnicity or religion. I will not accept someone like that on a romantic level.

    - Absolutely no cheaters or people with skanky pasts. I don't feel they can be trusted on a seriosu level. F***buddies? Sure. Casual dating? Definitely. Possible impacting relationship? Hell no. Unless you want to be impacted negatively.

    That's pretty much it :)

  • Same year and up but I don't like the idea of him being even a day younger than me.

    Does not frequently use drugs or smoke. (Preferences for not at all but this is the world I live in).

    Don't mind if he drinks as long as he remained a decent individual while under the influence.

    Has to have ambition in life, and be working towards a future.

    He needs to respect me and women in general. I'm not into chauvinists.

    No kids.

    No current interest in one night stands.

    No criminal record.

    No serious genetic abnormalities.

    Taller than me (preferably a head minimum).

    Had no flings/relationships with my friends at the point of life I'm at.

  • I won't date a lazy guy

    I won't date a smoker

    I won't date a person who doesn't take care of their health

    I won't date a person who is more than 10 years older.

    I won't date a person who would hit a girl. (I always tell my bf's "one hit, and I'm gone.")

    I won't date a person who is uncompromising to the nth degree

    I won't date a person who is cruel to people

    I wouldn't date someone who is my age and has a kid.

    Who is more than a year younger.


  • I won't date a guy more than a year younger than me

    I usually won't date a guy that's four or more years older than me (some exceptions can be made)

    I usually won't date a smoker

    I won't date a guy that has children already

    I won't date a guy that's just a bum, no job / not a student, they have to have some sort of plan / direction in life

  • I'm not exactly picky as I used to be but I won't date a guy with poor hygiene. Nor will I date one who is disrespectful to me or anyone else. I actually came pretty close to dating a guy with a kid.. it became too much to think about so that's done with.

  • age - 18-28

    no kids

    not shorter or skinnier than me

    not ''heavy drinker''

    not ''heavy smoker'' - I think I just could handle a guy how smokes till 4-5 cigarets a day

  • Eh as long as he isn't a fugitive or has been to prison. Any other factors are changeable.

  • On my no list:

    *Has kids

    *Smokes, does drugs or is alcoholic. Normal drinking is obviously fine lol

    *Doesn't have a car

    *Doesn't have a job

    I'm not a hypocrite though lol. I don't have kids, smoke, do drugs. I have a job and a car :) so I am looking for someone equal to me in those way.

    • What if he doesn't have a car because he RIDES A MOTORCYCLE?

      VROOM, VROOOOOOM! Hahahaha!

      (I'm half-kidding...I don't have a car =(. I could get a sh*tty one though! )

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