Is there any going back when you've already gone too far forward in a relationship?

I started dating this REALLY nice guy. I basically call him McDreamy :). He's just so perfect! Anyways, we realllly rushed things... and now we seem to have nothing to talk about. I sort of got in bed with him the first time we went on a date. We'd known each other for a bit before that, but not that long. We even talked about kids on the first weekend and by the 2nd I had a toothbrush at his place... by the 3rd we really didn't have much to talk about. I feel like if we had taken things slower we'd have more to say... is there any going back?


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  • Yes, there are a lot of things to reignite the old feelings.

    Spend a lot of time with him outside of your houses. Go and have a picnic, golf, play your favorite sports, visit the amusement park, go to the beach, hang out with your friends, and be socially active together.

    • ok, so activities and less sitting around/talking kind of stuff?

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    • You notice when you hang out with your new classmates, like having a sleepover or going somewhere outside the school? It just makes you closer.

    • interesting... Yeah, you're right. Sometimes I still have trouble talking to those people, but I'm much more likely to hang out with them... hmm..

  • yes make sure you guys are on the same page and make sure the guy understands how you are feeling.. and ya if you would of took it slower things would of been good but not all the time because I've been talkiing to this girl for a year and we just started going out . and now its like wtf. so it all depends on how you feel about everthing

    • this guy and I became boyfriend/girlfriend after like 2 weeks of knowing each other... we're so busy we don't have time to do anything besides make out ha. it's bad. :/

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