Is it ever possible to win a guy back? If so, how is it done?

I met this really nice guy. At first, he was so nice that I was suspicious. He bought my jewelery the 2nd week we were dating, talked about what kind of wife/number of children he wanted the first weekend we dated etc.

He basically really freaked me out and I sort of stepped back from the relationship a bit. We sort of rushed into things in general. I trusted him and on the first date I spent the night with him... before our first date we stayed up all night on the phone and never ran out of things to talk about. I'm not sure what happened but everything just felt awkward. He sort of freaked me out the 1st night we were in bed together (we didn't have sex)... but he turned out to be uber animalistic and controlling (something I wasn't used to!) I started to think he was this crazy control freak.

Eventually, he told me he didn't get my sense of humor and couldn't tell when I was kidding. It was only the 4th week we were dating so I figured there was hope we'd change. Things were up and down from there... some days were awesome and others we didn't have much to say. After a month and a half I finally opened up to him and felt comfortable around him.

Unfortunately, I had been suspicious of his motives and I complained a lot about my looks... I was worried we didn't have much to talk about so I tried to talk to him about everything.

It was bad. Really bad. I knew it and I wasn't sure what to do. A week before he broke up with me he invited me to go to his parents... One day he suddenly showed up on my campus after I had been really upset with my future goals the night before etc... he said I was almost the one, but not quite... and that he just wasn't feeling it anymore. I said we should take more time since it had only been a month and a half. He was starting a job and said he'd have less time and that I deserved more.

Fast forward 2 months... got in contact with him because I wanted my stuff back. Turns out he tossed some of it, but oddly enough he still has my toothbrush? My guy friend said that's a hint he's still attached to me. The ex is now re-buying the stuff of mine that he threw away. Keep in mind, he's SUPER nice so he might just be doing this to be nice... but I'm a little suspicious. I find that if I ask him q's on fb he answers, but if I just talk about random stuff in my life he doesn't reply. Is there any chance of getting this guy back at all? Anything I can do? Is it worth trying?

I have to say, this man changed my life. I've never been happier in my life since I met him. I feel like my whole worldview has changed. I'm so much more thankful. I complain so much less. I'm less stressed. Oddly enough everything he taught me about life stuck with me after we broke up. He is the most incredible person I know. If I can't date him, he is absolutely someone I'd like to have just as a friend. I didn't even know that I was insecure until I met him... and now I KNOW I am loveable and valuable. He's awesome. I want to give him the world.

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  • Yes, it's possible to win him back.

    It seems that all of your settings are somewhere closed like a house and such.

    Go out with him and have fun. Hang out with a lot of friends, go play both of your favorite sports, go to a picnic, visit the amusement park, go to the beach, play golf, skiing, hiking and other things that will involve going out. Because by going out, you'll get closer to each other, open up more easily, and interest will be higher.

    • Even if he broke up with me? sorry that was so long

    • Yes, that's the whole point here.

    • Hm. Okay. Well, can it hurt to ask?

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  • He dumped you. You can't make that not have happened. There was a reason why it didn't work, and controlling types suck anyway. I think I'd just move on. Not gonna unscramble that egg.

    • Hm maybe. There's something about him though. He's different from the other guys I've dated.

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    • Probably figured it would make you think you were still welcome, but wouldn't take up much space.

    • ah. huh. yeah, I'm def gonna try for it ha.

What Girls Said 1

  • yeah its possible but I wouldn't bother. it obviously didn't work out the first time. there's too many fish in the sea to be worried about the dead ones

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