Would you wait for him?

i have been dating a guy for 2 months and the romance has been slow to develop. we met up 5 times in that time and it went great. He never calls in between dates but texts sporadically. in the last week, the pace sped up and we had 2 sleepovers in which we just cuddled through the night (no sex). I thought this had brought us closer. But then he suddenly told me that he had to go out of town for a month and then he would have to leave the country straight after that but would be back. What hurt me is that he knew he would be gone for long but did not arrange to see me one last time and say bye. On his last night in town he went out with friends and didn't invite me, so I texted to say I thought he would at least say bye. His response: "sorry I didn't know I wouldn't see you before leaving". I didn't text back as I was hurt...and since then there hasn't been a word from him. Its been 2 weeks and counting. (and he hasn't even told me when exactly he will be back in the country and in town)

is it over? should I wait for him to come back? :(


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  • Goodbye are always sad. I think he just doesn't want to end things here, so I think he'll be much more willing to see you when the next time he arrives comes.


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  • I can't stand when people are inconsiderate...He doesn't deserve your attention if he's not gonna give out the same amount of effort. The fact that he left without seeing you one more time or inviting you out means that you're not at the front of his mind, and you do not want to be someone's last priority.

    Good for you for not responding to his texts. Keep your dignity.

  • I don't think you should wait if someone comes along great if not and he comes back and texts you then you can see what happens!