Can't play this game anymore! Need advice

I am a 40 y/o women! I have lots of oppurtunity with men but my sights have been set on this guy I had a few dates with 3 years ago he quit texting me because he smoked but he didn't tell me this until after I had started dating! We have been texting this whole time! Sometimes sexual texts sometimes conversations! Anyways he is everything I am looking for in a man! He tells me all the time I am the whole package! He tells me all the time he thinks about me all the time! He texts almost every day! He has told me he doesn't want to have sex with me because he doesn't want to loose our friendship! He has also told me he could easily fall in love with me and he has no doubts! So today I asked what is it you are scared of he said he cares so much about me that he would never want to hurt me! I said I'd rather try and get hurt than not to! What is with this guy! He has been single for 4 years and says he has no doubts about us and I am a keeper! So what the f**k do I do! He is hurting me by getting my hopes up! Can't do this anymore. we do go for coffee and he kisses me and hugs me every time!


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  • He is not ready to settle down and give up the bachelor lifestyle yet, and therefore wants to keep you interested/close until he is, being that you are his ideal woman.

    He is well aware of what you want, but can't give that to you at this point and thus want to remain good friends rather than prematurely start a romantic relationship with you now, only to cheat on you during, and consequently risk losing you entirely.

    I think that you are dead on. It's time to move on, because waiting around for him may be indefinite.

    Good Luck


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  • Sounds like you need to conviences him everything will workout, because his mind,he has a lot of doubts that looks to hard to shake.

  • What game?

    He's not playing a game with you. He's just being caring and understanding of your feelings.

    I think he's really the man for you.

    • If he was the man for me after the last 9 months of this texting why wouldn't he want to spend time with a girl that he thinks is the whole package!

  • i think he don't want marry you becouse lots of reasons 4 that he is + 40 I hope he is married guy or some mistary one reasin is this he don't want take responsebilty .i just think


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