He showed me all these signs but..

He showed me all these signs that he is interested in me

but he hasn't text me or talk to me on Facebook first.

He asked for my number on Friday, and I still haven't got any text from him.

We are kinda in this situation, that we won't be able to see each other after he graduate because he is considering of going to college outside of states

Is it because of that?


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  • God dammit. Girls just f***ing call him he won't call just do it god. Also remember guys are always up for sex but use protection.

  • If he hasn't texted you yet, maybe it's because he wants to appear chill and not be too quick about it. Some guys think that girls don't like to be "smothered" by texts too soon. Also could be preoccupied with things or it's just that he's not interested unfortunately.

    You can go ahead and text him first too, nothing wrong with a simple "hey".

    • I don't have his number, he asked for my number but didn't give his

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    • Then why would he ask for my number?

    • Who knows except him.

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