When you are texting a guy and he doesn't wanna talk.

When you are txting or Facebook messaging a guy, how can you tell if they actually wanna talk or not? Do they keep their answers short like girls do when they don't wanna talk to a guy, or what? I've been messaging this guy for a few days and though it might just be me being self-consious, I'm wondering if he actually wants to talk.


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  • Varying lengths (of messages) can be playful and fun so I try to mix it up, but all short I'd take to be uninterested. Make sure you say funny and interesting things though, because short could also mean he's stumped and/or bored.

  • Yes, if I don't want to talk, I'd keep my messages short and probably would be responding much later than usual.

    However, sometimes it's just other matters that keep a person from messaging, or perhaps there's just not much more to say so they get off the computer/phone and do something else instead.


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