Am I Just Getting Played?

My ex and I broke up a year ago. She said she was not ready for a committed relationship. We both started dating other people yet we continued to maintain a distant friendship. We'd call each other every few weeks and ironically we shared more during those conversations then when we were dating.

Recently she's moved back home and we see each other frequently. She calls me often and invites me to her house. I spend lots of time helping her parents (who are of poor health) and have dinner with her and her family. I also notice when hanging out with friends she'll defend me and stand up for me. She considers me her best friend and I do likewise.

I don't get it. We broke up but why do I feel so close to her? Neither of us are actively dating anyone. Is she just using me? Does she just see me as her friend and nothing more? I don't want to get hurt again.

I casually dated some 10+ girls since we broke up. I cannot tell her out of fear it would damage the friendship we share, but I'm madly in love with her.


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  • You are close to her because you've been spending a lot of time with her. You also tend to talk a lot, and you got to know her family. Those are the kind of things that will bring people closer.

    And you're not getting played. She's sincere about her feelings to you

    • you're right, the connection I've established with her family has made it all the more difficult to let her go. I figure if she wants me to be out of her life she wouldn't still want me visiting her or having dinner with her family. In the past few months she's been much more open about her feelings, too

    • You're the only guy for her. Lucky you.