I sometimes feel like my girlfriend doesn't want to text or is losing interest through text?

We've been in a relationship for a little over 4 months. We have been on winter break for a month and a half but see each other every week. We go back in a week.

When we're in person it's great. It's easy to be myself and be a challenge (in a good way). We have a great time and all. Days after we hang out she's always sending texts like how great a time she had and misses me, etc.

More days go by, and she's always the first one to text me. Always. They're not as flirty or romantic but we talk about our days and random stuff.

I know in the past I have been one to overreact (not to the girl just within myself) over texts. I always get a gut feeling like she's losing interest or something. But it is pretty late (around midnight).

In person it's great. In text it's harder to say.

Maybe we text too much? Usually one conversation a day.

Maybe I try to/look for flirting too much over text?

It just sucks because I miss her and I don't like texting because these things happen.

Anyone with similar experience, boyfriend or girlfriend, can help me out?

Makes me not want to text her back sometimes


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  • eh.. it's difficult indeed. I've had ldr before and most days it was just a few texts. It's difficult to have long convo on texts, calling is the best solution.. or Skype.