Dating but what exactly is it?

We've been dating for around 2 months and we have been on a lot d dates and a road trip . Last night I broached the subject about not being a booty call and be said no I wasn't. We haven't had sex but usually sleep in the same bed and touch each other. Reckon I am a booty call or more?


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  • If he's only contacting you late at night, you are most likely a booty call.

    If he's only asking you out the day of the "date" and its at night, you are most likely a booty call.

    If he only asks you out during the week and never the weekend, you are most likely a booty call.

    If the only conversations you guys have are sex related, you are most likely a booty call.

    You did take a roadtrip together but I don't if that's enough to disqualify you being a booty call for him. I think that if you suspect he's treating you like that, then its probably true that he does only see you as a girl used for sex but no relationship :/

  • Uhhhhh you are not a booty call. He's not getting any booty from you whatsoever. You haven't even had sex yet. I mean HELLO! You really think he's been hangin out w you for 2 months just for a piece of ass?