Is this dating profile awful? guys please help!

so this is my dating profile. Please tell me what needs deleting or if its good as it is. Thanks so much!

Hi :), I'm looking for a modern day cave man only with a better dress sense. If you want a girl you can protect and make smile then perhaps that could be me.

A lot of people tell me I look and sound slightly like Alyson Hannigan (the red head in American pie). As a result I've honed a great 'and this one time at band camp' impression.

I'm half French but I grew up here. Travelling, dancing, yoga, tennis and going out for a meal and drinks are amongst the things I enjoy doing and I always love trying and learning new things, especially when they involve the outdoors and some element of randomness. I love cooking too and make a great curry.

Above all I'm honest, affectionate, and easy going and I don't take things too seriously.

You're a self assured, laid back guy with a good sense of humour, honesty and passion and we can challenge and bring out the best in each other

If this sounds like you I look forward to hearing from you :)


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  • I like it. It talks mostly about yourself which is nice, but still gives an idea about what you want. The part about wanting a protective caveman would put me off, but I bet there are guys out there that would like protecting a girl. Alyson Hannigan is really nice looking, especially if you have her physique.


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  • It's so creatively done, and perfectly describes you. I would love to hear from you.


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  • Sounds great, but I'd lose the whole caveman thing. It makes you sound a little needy and honestly might put off a lot of guys who are looking for a strong competent woman.