Friend drunkenly told me she loved me, in great detail... remembers nothing. Did she mean any of it?

I've been friends with this girl for a long time. She's very smart when she tries, but is a bit of an airhead at times as well. She's also a damn good friend and extremely attractive, though we've both dated others off and on for the last 4 years, and I can't say I ever really felt jealous of her or anything.

Up til recently anyway. She came out drinking with me and some other friends of mine she'd never met. She'd had a terrible day as I later learned, drank far too much, and I ended up having to carry her back to my place, refusing to let her drive home.

On the cab back she kept cuddling up next to me, and I (also pretty drunk at that time), realized she wanted to kiss me, so I kissed her. After that she pretty much latched onto me for the rest of the night. At my place I guided her to the couch, got some water, and was about to head to my room when she grabbed me, pulled me down, kissed me, and told me she loved me, she begged me to stay with her for just a little while.

She kept telling me how she loved me for who I was, promised to support me, and apologized for how my ex Katie had treated me. As I started to sober up though, she seemed to keep getting drunker. Around 1am she started getting very affectionate, and by 2 it was rotation of her crying about the sh*tshow her family had cooked up that morning (totally OK with listening for her, she's done it for me), kissing me telling me she loved me (less OK with this), and her guiding my hands from cuddling regions to far more intimate ones (not OK with, but only because she was still trashed).

It was probably the hardest thing I'd ever done to keep things at just 2nd base with this extremely attractive friend, telling her to hold off for just one night... but I did. Sure enough the next morning she remembered nothing past us dancing a bit at the club. She seemed surprised to wake up next to me, but not upset.

We haven't really spoken much since then though, and I keep thinking back to that night wondering what the hell happened, if she meant any of what she'd said. What the heck do I do now with this girl?


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  • Didn't you already ask this? Sounds like you're in love with her. The fact that you didn't have sex with her pretty much shows you're a really good guy, so she probably does love you. Why don't you try talking to her about how the two of you actually feel SOBER. She might want you for a boyfriend.


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  • Don't let the awkwardness sit and settle. Most people tell the truth and seems how she talked a lot, I would go with she is one that "spews the truth instead of the chunks." If you feel something for her then tell her about it, if not, go ahead and ask her if she has ever felt anything for you and bring it up casually.


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  • She meant it, but she may not have meant romantic love.

    I've been on the sort of same end of that situation with a good friend, who when very drunk, told me she loved me. The thing is, when she was sober, she claimed she didn't remember a lot, but I prompted her and told her I remembered everything, and I loved her too.

    It's not a word we're often comfortable with, using amongst good friends. But I knew what she meant, and I was letting her know I felt the same way.