I text my girlfriend almost two days ago and she still hasn't responded, this isn't normal for her.

We have been going out for over a month now and we text pretty regularly everyday and sometimes call each other and Skype too so over a day without texting is strange for us. Now granted its only been a day, what also makes it weird is that she has been texting my friends (which is normal) but not me, and there has not been any arguments, disagreements or anything the last time we talked. In addition to this I asked my friend who she text, is she alright. He said he didn't' even text her back until she later sent another, "wait to text me back *insert name here*." This stuff being said, I know she may just want to time "apart" for some reason or something along those lines, but again its just waay to weird so, anybody had a problem like this?

Now, a little before I was about to post this, my friend asked her what's up and she only replied to him, " I'm not speaking to him [me] right now."

So, going on the fourth day, I have determined that she feels that I could be pushing sex, for the fact that when we were last together and hitting 2nd or 2.5 base (wherever you may categorize stuff) I went down to unbutton pants. All she did was pulled my hands up and we continued. No big deal right? Wrong. Now not blaming her for anything, but she didn't tell me how she felt about that then, after, or the day after, she just gave me the silent treatment for four days now. Continued next part.
So to make a long story short (seriously I'd have to have like 5 updates...) I know found out that this bothered her. Now last time we "got together" I did the same thing but afterward she actually said "down there is off limits." But this time (which spawned this incident) I figured hey, girls can change, sometimes spontaneous, maybe she won't mind. Well she obviously did. Now being this is her first serious relationship I do not blame her at all, continued in another update...
and for the record am not mad at her, nor when I am writing this stuff. But for those of you that read this and might be in a similar situation, I'll be seeing her in person 1/26/2013 to get this sorted out, and will post anything helpful to our's or others' relationships.


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  • Perhaps, she just wants to have some time for herself.

    I think this also pose a great way to see where both of you stand in the relationship, and how to make it better, and get a hold of yourselves.

    • Yea, thanks man. From what I've gathered is to just let her be to herself, because there is simply nothing else I can do except send a text every few days or something, maybe not even that. I've thought about the last thing we said in person, and over text and there is simply no way anything could have been taken wrong or gotten her mad so I guess only time will tell

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  • That is out of the ordinary. Maybe she wants to be with your friend, or maybe she does want some time to herself but doesn't know how to tell you without hurting your feelings. I would confront her about it, call her.

    • Well the one friend she miiight want to go out with wouldn't happen cause he wouldn't do that to me (trust me) and I don't think she would either she's just not that kind of girl. Especially since her friend said once we were going out, " as a formality I have to say this, if you hurt her I'll hurt you." And I had called her yesterday but she forwarded it to voice mail, and go figure box is already full.

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  • Maybe she has feelings for the one friend. This sort of thing happened to me, an ex-girlfriend started getting distant with me and the next thing I knew her and one of my best friends were hooking up. You should be careful with both of them.

    • I have thought about that, but my guy friend is my bro, he wouldn't do that, and in actuality never had a interest in her, even before we were dating. Now her on the other hand... I don't know maybe she might like him but it wouldn't go anywhere, her break up would be pointless. But I feels for you man, hope you did/doing OK and thanks for advice