Why would he say something so bizarre?

ok long story short met a guy on a dating site..we decided to meet at the lib it was closed so we stood in the parking lot talking for 5 min security guard came kicked us out ..after he called me told me we should grab movies next weekend..then next day he never texted me when I texted him back he said he saw the security guard as a sign and if he did not come he would have end up doing something with me that later we both had to regret..can someone explain why he would say this ? and what it exactly means? he told we should stop talking and he felt lonely and he told me deleted his account from that site and later when I checked he was still on it..


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  • He may have thought you were too young for him..did he look a lot older than you? Clearly he saw something that led him to decide against continuing to see each other.

    Plus you've found out he's a liar, even about small things like deleting his account, so the course of action you need to take is pretty clear. A guy who'd lie about that would lie about other things even quicker.

    Plus it's dumb to lie about things that people can check so very easily! He's not even a SKILLFUL liar!

    • No he is a year older than me lol so I wasn't so attractive to him? Or whatever he said was true?

    • Maybe he just had other engagements!

  • He's making sh*t up because he doesn't know how to let you down easily.

    • so does that mean I did not appeal to him?

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