The guy I'm dating is inexpressive, how do I get him to open up?

We've been going out for a month now, and until now he's shy around me. He doesn't really talk much and I feel like I have to initiate a conversation or even a date at times. I like him a lot and I want to get serious with him. How do I get him to open up more? I'm afraid I'll be tired of waiting and guessing how he truly feels toward us.


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  • Yeah nermalinda is right you should spell it out for him I'm shy and I need things spelled out for sometimes he could also be nervous around you.


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  • I don't really know what you should do, but I would suggest telling him how you feel point blank and spelling it out. Say it really nicely and sweetly, but just say something like "I feel like you are kind of quiet around me and I'd like it if we talked more. I like you a lot. Is there something I can do that would make you want to talk more?"

    Some guys just need things spelled out and if he's shy, then he has to know for sure that you really like him.