Seperated and wanting to date but why don't men approach me?

Hey I am 28 year old women that is separated. I Haven't dated since my seperation (about a year and a half ago) and though my best friend (a guy) says guys check me out I don't ever get approached...I don't get it. I have kids and that may be a factor? But I'm getting a bit discouraged from the whole dating thing. I am currently in university and extremly independant and own my own home.I thought men were attracted to that stuff.I hear I'm cute and smart and I'm friendly to! Lol. Am I doing something wrong?I would like to date lol.

I would like some input from men...if I'm not cute please by all means let me know I understand I have never been thought of as sexy but gimme a break lol I honestly have no idea what I'm doing wrong.


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  • Most guys don't approach women. You have to help them out. Either give them some sort of hints that you want them to approach you, like staring at them and smiling, or you have to approach them.