Interested, hard to get, or cautious?

We are co workers and have hung out twice now(not a date setting) one time just chillin another she invited me to a party at her place. She seems like the type to never initiate texting at least not this early. When I do text her she responds. Yesterday she was at work and she responded every time she had a moment and continued once she got home. She responded positively and seemed to be flirty at times. Overall when I text her she responds positively. Our last conversation ended last night with me asking her what her schedule looks like for the weekend so I could set up a date she said she hadn't checked it yet but she would let me know with a smiley. So as of right now (the day after) I'm waiting for her reply, but since she doesn't really initiate should I although she said she would let me know? or if she doesn't get back to me assume she's not interested even after showing positive feed back?



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  • She's most likely interested but give her some space, you don't want to scare her away, there's still time before the weekend, she might have been busy today and hasn't gotten a chance to look at her schedule. Most likely she'll leave one of the days open for you.

    She may also be trying to keep her on your mind so you'll want to be with her badly, sorry we girls do that sometimes xP

    So wait, give her some time and if she doesn't text by Friday afternoon. You text her, you don't want to seem obsessed over her, just wait and see, good things will come.

    • Thanks for the response. Definitely put my mind at ease and gave me an idea of what to do!

    • No problem, that's what I'm here for xP

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  • I think you should back off for a while, if she's tries to contact you then it means she's interested, if not then you should just move on.


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  • Definitely, she's interested. Her works just interfering in her schedules to meet up with you.