I hear from him all the time now

This guy friend (whom I have always liked) hardly text. Sometimes he's respond, mostly not. If he did, it be hours I'd not says that I'd hear from him. It'd always be at night and the Congo would never last.

NOW: he texts me all the time, almost every day. Morning moon or night. He even initiates the texts sometimes. Also, he replies back instantly now.

Do you think he now has feelings for me?

Sorry for all the typos I meant " hours if not days before I'd hear from him.
Conversation, not Congo.


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  • very into you

    • It's out of the blue too. Also, he absolutely loves to tease me. Constantly.

    • yes, these are all signs that he likes you! Why do you seem so shocked

    • As I said before, he use to never respond , ever! Out of the blue, we started texting a ton more. Only today he didn't get back to me. Mostly it's throughout the day as before it was always in the evenings. It's hard to believe because we've known each other a couple of years...I wonder what changed

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