Going on a date with a guy I'm not sure I fancy?

We met on a night out, and seemed to get on pretty well. I can't tell how much of that was alcohol or what, but it wasn't an amazing connection, although we did get on.

Anyway, we arranged to meet up early next week (just something casual, not overly date-y) But I don't really feel nervous, which is unusual for me. And when I did the mandatory Facebook stalking I wasn't all ohmygodddd.

Is this a bad sign? I'm pretty sure I still want to meet up, face to face might be better. But I think my main question is really,

1. Is this a bad sign that I'm not actually in to him?

2. If I don't feel anything on the date, how do I say this? (I'm hopeless at stuff like that, I never phrase things right or time it right)


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  • 1. It's just a sign that you need to know him better.

    2. Just go to the date, and I'm sure you will really know how you're feeling for him once you got it going.


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  • My rule of them is go one a few dates with a guy and THEN see how you feel. 3 dates tops. Now, if you really really don't like this guy, then the rule doesn't apply. But if you're just feeling kinda iffy about him, give him a chance. Attraction grows with time and who knows, this guy you're thinking about cancelling out just might be the one ;P lol

    If after this date you decide you don't ever want to see him again, then just tell him something like "I had a good time hanging out with you the other day but I'd like for us to be just friends."

    Hope I helped!

    • Oh no, I'm not ruling him out yet or anything. I'm definitely going to hang out with him, at least once. May as well see :) But the 3 tops sounds smart, good call :)

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